Friday, September 23, 2011


School has started and I am back in full-swing MBA mode - you know, tired, have no time, etc. I still have a couple of half-finished sewing projects in the works and now I have two half-finished knitting projects too (socks! I am knitting my first pair of socks!). I was sorting through some pictures and realized I forgot to share that I made my very first skirt last month. It's my second article of clothing to make, the first being an awesome pair of leopard print pj pants which are a wee too short. When I signed up for the skirt class I hadn't realized that we'd be making our own patterns. I am so glad we did! Now I can tweak the pattern for skirt version 2.0. And I got over my fear of measuring my hips (*gak*) and making mistakes. It's just sewing, right? I am more than pleased with the way the skirt came out:

The front:
The back (please ignore unflattering back view!) - I even inserted a zipper and the fabric pattern sort of matched up!
I'm thinking of a corduroy for skirt no. 2, perfect for tights and fall.

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