Sunday, February 17, 2013

blizzard sewing - half-square triangle stars

We got a blizzard last weekend, nearly two feet of snow.  What do you do when the Governor has banned all driving on roads and and you're totally snowed in anyway?  Shovel out the car, knit, read, shovel out the car, bake brownies, shovel out the car and drink tea.  See a familiar theme?  I also did some spontaneous sewing and made a bunch of half-square triangle stars for a new Project Linus quilt.  If some of the fabric looks familiar, it's because I've used it for 3 (and counting) quilts thus far.  Note to self: if the fabric store says "three yard minimum", make sure it's fabric you LOVE.  I'm still working on how many of these to make.  I think it's going to depend on how much of the white fabric I have.  If I run out, I'll have to get a little creative . . .  We're supposed to get another 6-10" of snow today so I'm hoping to make another few squares today.  Honestly, there's only one good thing about getting so much snow:  no feeling guilty for staying inside all day sewing!  xo

half-square triangle star quilt

half-square triangle star quilt

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