Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy New Year!!  I don't know about you, but I feel like 2012 flew by.  In so many ways, 2012 was a great year - I got my MBA!  I got a new job! - that I feel a little sad to see it go.  I've been looking over my posts and pictures from the past year, I can't believe how much I've learned, creatively.  I'm happy to report that I've mostly aced the creative goals that I set for myself in 2012:

1. Sew a dress. In December I made Colette's Peony dress.  This was a huge learning curve for me - I figured out how to insert sleeves and connect a skirt to a dress top.  I haven't shared any pics yet because sizing is still an issue for me and I need to adjust the top so the bust isn't so weird. 

2. Learn how to properly bind a quilt.  I am not sure there's a "right" way.  Sure, I could learn to sewing bindings on better, but I don't think what I'm doing is all that bad.  I had thought that machine sewing bindings was a sure sign of a novice, but it turns out that lots of quilters machine bind.  I'm generally happy with how they come out; I think I'd just like to feel more confident in my skills and make them a little neater.

3. Knit and sew (at least) one (each) quilt for Project Linus this year. I gave four quilts to Project Linus this year.  Four!  I absolutely loved working on these quilts and am so happy they are keeping kids in Maine warm this winter.  I didn't end up knitting a quilt this year - hopefully next year!

4. Knit something. I've really grown in my knitting confidence this year.  Though I haven't actually finished many project, I've started lots (and subsequently frogged them all) and have really learned how to read my knitting, unknit, and take chances with new patterns.  I finished two pair of socks this year (and started about three others) and learned how to color block.  Sometimes I think I like the process of knitting more than I like the actual making of things so I'm not all that worried about all my half-finished projects. 

5. Investigate the feasibility of a sewing-related entrepreneurial idea that I've been thinking about . . .  I'm still working on this one :-) 

As for 2013, my goals are fairly simple:

1. Use up some of the fabric I have!  I have a lot of left over fabric from finished projects; I need to use this up before I think about bringing another piece of fabric into my house!

2. Sell something I make: a quilt, a bag, a potholder, something.  My friend T told me all through grad school "I want to bring something to market."  Well, I do too. 

3. Continue to work on garment fit issues.  One of the reasons I like making clothes is because store garments are not necessarily meant for my body.  I struggled for years with store bought clothing, always buying the wrong size because I didn't know how anything was supposed to fit.  I'm finding that that same paranoia has transferred over into sewing clothing.  I need to learn that the body measurements I take are correct and that if I use them, I can avoid the wonky bust issues on my new dress. 

4. I'd like to learn to knit lace.  I am intimidated by lace!  I know it's just knitting, but the cast on seems so alien that I haven't been able to wrap my head around it.

5. Learn to take better pictures.  My apartment has very little (good) natural light.  I am also an impatient picture taker.  I can do better. 

6.  Make some quilts for Project Linus.  I don't know how many I'll make this year, but I know I'll be sewing at least a couple and I'd really like to stretch myself and knit a blanket too. 

I love the new year.  I love having the entire year ahead of me, full of possibility.  May 2013 be amazing!  xo

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