Monday, December 31, 2012

knitting love from Santa

My various Santas were very generous in their gifting this year. It's almost as though my entire family got together and thought, "Knitting supplies for Natasha!" I couldn't be happier :-)  I've been a very frustrated knitter lately and have frogged nearly everything I've tried to make due to yarn frustration, pattern frustration or simply that I just don't know what to make. I am so excited to improve my knitting skills this year and get started on some new projects!

A set of knitting needles.
knitting needles

My mom made me this super cool needles storage/carrying case!  I might modify it slightly so I can put some circular needles or dpn's in the smaller pockets.  I'm a huge stripe fan, so I love the fabric!


My brother gave me some yarn. 
knitting yarn

Hand-painted silk - gorgeous, right?  I am dieing to learn how to knit lace this year and this is going to make one beautiful shawl!
knitting yarn

A hilarious (and practical) book!  I love cats but I'm very allergic so a knit cat is perfect.  Besides, what knitter doesn't want to knit an entire fleet of cats!?

I love this little guy - so cute!!!!  The patterns seem relatively straight-forward so I suspect I'm going to have a bunch of new "pets" by the end of the year :-)

I am so grateful to my family's generosity and I can't wait to start some projects!


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