Saturday, November 24, 2012

project updates

It's been a while since I've posted.  Rest assured, I've been sewing and cutting, but either my projects have been a secret or I'm not far along enough to share anything more than a giant pile of scraps.  I also started a new job at the end of October so I am still trying to balance work-time with commute-time with sewing-time.

The one project I have finished is (yet another?) Colette Ginger skirt.  Now that I've made three of these skirts, I'm really into the pattern.  It's a great cut for my body and I've adjusted the pattern enough so I just have to cut out the fabric and sew it together without a lot of brain power.  This one is in corduroy, my first non-boring-cotton clothing project. 

Pardon the lousy shot - I took this in the mirror at work. 

Colette Ginger skirt

I didn't try to match up the seams. The print is busy enough that there's a bit of trompe l'oeil to make you think that I was clever enough to have planned any matching that may have occurred.

Colette Ginger skirt

At this point I definitely feel like a whiz at inserting an invisible zipper.  Since this skirt is so fitted around the waist I'm sewing the zipper in far further than the pattern suggests (10").  Any less and it's a struggle to get the skirt over my hips.  

I've also been on a bag tear.  I found a great pattern online for a wide mouth pouch and earlier this month I used some scraps to play with the sizes.  I now have bags to match Amy Butler's Weekender bag, a pair of pajamas and the back of a quilt I made earlier this year.  One must always accessorize!  

Noodlehead zipper pouch

You may be wondering why I left such a long piece of the zipper hanging off the end of the left side of these bags?  It's an open mouth bag so the extra zipper allows you to open the bag to a full circle, rather than keeping it tightly closed at each end.  I really love the practicality of this design!

Noodlehead zipper pouch

Lastly, there's a project that I've only started preparing for.  I've always wanted to make a postage stamp quilt (also known as a "vomit quilt").  This quilt is great for using up scraps as it calls for an unlimited amount of 2.5" squares.  Over the past few weeks I've been slowly going through my scarps and cutting squares.  I don't have nearly enough but it's nice to have something in the works that I can plod away at over time.  

It's been fun traveling down the memory lane of my previous projects.  And I love that I can still use tiny pieces of fabric that I love but don't have enough to use on something larger.  I probably should figure out how big I want this quilt to be and do some quilting math to get a sense of the project's timeline but I kind of like not knowing the end result (this is crazy for me - I generally hate surprises!).  

Next up on my sewing agenda:  I just cut out the fabric for a Colette Peony dress and yesterday I snagged some fabric and the patterns for two other dresses.  I may never shop again! :-)

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