Monday, May 14, 2012

Chevron quilt - done!

I bought some new fabric a couple of weeks ago but I've forbidden myself from starting any new projects until I finish the two quilts that I started close to six months ago.  One quilt will be donated to Project Linus over Memorial Day weekend and the other is for friends of mine that are having a baby at the end of May.  This chevron quilt is for my friends' baby.  It looks tricky but it was surprisingly easy to put together; it was mostly a lot of cutting.  I love how it came out, though the piecing is a little wonky.
I bought the fabric at a one-yard-minimum fabric store so I ended up with far more than I needed.  For the back I used picked two of the striped fabrics that coordinate.
This quilt was my first attempt at a real binding.  For my other quilts, I made a "pocket" quilt, stuffed it with the batting and then sewed up the gap.  I really like the look of proper bindings but I need to do some more experimenting with the technique; you're only supposed to see the stitching on one side of the quilt.  I don't think I started the initial stitching in the right place so I ended up attaching the binding so you can see the stitching on both sides.  Though it's not the "right" way to do a binding, I think it works.

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