Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I heart leopard print!

I've been experimenting with the novel idea of following a pattern. It seems that either due to mis-measurement or due to creative differences, I never seem to follow a pattern as it's been written. During Hurricane Irene I whipped up a little leopard print cosmetics bag that is for the most part based on an Amy Butler pattern. I say "for the most part" because I changed the size and I didn't find the instructions for the tab to be all that clear. The trouble with being a novice sewer is that sometimes the instructions say things that I don't understand and have to cross my fingers in hopes that it I've guessed correctly at what the pattern is telling me to do. I'm happy to report it all worked out and my bag and zipper are quite functional:
I'm really happy with the way the bag came out and plan to make others in different sizes. I'm going to throw this one in my school bag to store my floss and band-aids.
Is there any pattern more fabulous than leopard print? I think not!

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