Thursday, July 14, 2011

zipper bag

I took another class at Gather Here last night. This time I returned to my sewing roots and made a zipper bag. (I also ran into my knitting instructor from last week and we had the most hilarious conversation about stitching and how to recognize a knit from a purl. At the end we both agreed that I should just make a scarf and not get too fancy yet. Seriously, I love this store and the instructors!)

I've never inserted a zipper before and I was surprised to see how easy it was to do. The bag has both interfacing and a lining so keeping all of the pieces straight took a little concentration and some careful reading of the instructions. As soon as I finished the bag I realized that picked an odd outer fabric as the two sides don't match up completely. And the inside lining is a hot mess in the corners. For a first bag, though, I'm really pleased with it and once I finish quilting my Bars of Gold quilt I'm going to try to make a couple more zipper bags on my own. Perhaps I've found the perfect go-to handcrafted gift? :-)

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