Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new play things!

I sort of played hooky from school this morning. My evening class was cancelled so I took a mini road trip for some business/professional clothes for my cadaverous body. There were no clothes to be found but I did find a goldmine - Marimekko fabric!!!

I adore Marimekko fabric. I love the bright colors and bold prints. Just yesterday I received an email with photos of Marimekko's new fabric line over which I immediately got fabric envy. I was feeling inspired when I stumbled upon a stash of their older lines. I've got a couple of ideas for some of the fabrics; others I just liked and figure I'll find a use for eventually.
Normally I don't like the color green but these were my favorites of what was available. I am planning on using a yard from one or the other to make some "pictures" for a wall.
I got just a yard of these fabrics. I wasn't crazy about the design but I love the bold colors.
The store even had scraps/remnants for 98cents/pound!
I do worry that I am becoming a fabric hoarder. I seem to be collecting fabric at a faster rate than I am creating. It's hard not to collect when I find things I like at good prices and I figure I'll use it all eventually. Fortunately my small condo lacks a lot of storage space. Or maybe I should just sew more?

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