Friday, July 26, 2013

sew Sew SEW!

I got my sewing machine back from the repair shop a couple of weeks ago and I have been sewing like a maniac since. Coincidentally, we've also had a mega-humid, mega-hot, super miserable heat wave. What did I do during this sweatfest? Well, sew and sweat some more, of course! You haven't lived until you've sat in the warmest room in the house, with the afternoon sun and heat pouring in, while you race your machine. 

To be fair, I wanted to make a quilt for my friend's baby shower this weekend.  It's a boy and they love Belize, so I was going for something traditional yet tropical.  If some of these fabrics look familiar, I used them on another quilt this year and thought they were so perfect that I ran out and bought more yardage. 

charm quilt

I wasn't sure about the binding fabric as I was cutting it, but I kind of like the blues. 

The back is the last of my beloved IKEA fabric.  This really is the perfect fabric for a quilt backing; I should check to see if they still sell it and buy a zillion yards.  

charm quilt

In the middle of my sweat and heat induced haze, I got the idea that I would make two more quilts for Project Linus this year, using - of course - only scraps.  My plan is to do some self-teaching on free motion quilting.  I'm ready to move on from straight lines.

scrappy quilt

I'm also working on a new method for putting the quilt "sandwich" together to reduce the amount of wrinkles.  I tried it with the baby quilt, but there's room for improvement, for sure. 

scrappy quilt

Lastly, I finished my second Colette Laurel dress this afternoon, just in time to wear to tomorrow's baby shower :-)  I'll try to take some better pictures soon, but I am super happy with this sleeveless version (although I note that there's something weird with the arm holes - oi)!  It's super comfortable and perfect for the next heat wave :-)

What have you been sewing lately?

Have a great weekend!

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