Thursday, September 20, 2012

stocking up? hoarding? you decide

Friends, have no fear - I won't run out of thread any time soon.

I just finished a sewing project.  Feeling accomplished, I took a few minutes to organize and inventory my supplies.

OMG do I have a lot of thread!

Some of it (the large box in the first picture) I inherited from my grandmother.  Some of it (the middle picture) I've collected and purchased over the years.  And some of it (the bottom picture) I've bought even though I knew I didn't need it because it was such a good deal (omg - 4 for $1 white thread - perfect for quilting!). 


I'm actually a little embarrassed at the amount of thread I have though as far as sewing hoarding tendencies, I'm sure I'm not even in the top 100 worst offenders.  Most sewists collect fabric.  In fact, Moda Bake Shop recently did a serious of blog posts called "Studio Tours" where various fabric and pattern designers showed off their fabric stashes and storage methods.  Some enviable collections looked uncannily like some of my fabric stores and it was hard not to compare others' collections to my paltry stack of uncut fabrics and feel lame.  I don't feel too too bad though, I'm sure I've got them all beat in the thread category :-)

What do you have too much of?  Or is it possible to have "too much" of any sewing supplies? 


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