Friday, June 15, 2012

the summer of the skirt

I had so much fun making a couple of tank tops that I've decided to further my clothing sewing skills by making a few skirts.  I mainly wear skirts in summer so it really is the perfect time to figure out how to read a pattern and match the pattern to my body.  I took a class last month on making a pattern for a pencil skirt and then sewing the skirt.  I'll post some pics soon - I love how the skirt came out so much that I've already packed it for a weekend getaway.  My plans thus far for "the summer of the skirt" are:

Since I love the fit of the Colette Sorbetto tank top, I'm going to tackle another Colette pattern, the Ginger.  It's a fairly simple a-line skirt and the fabric I picked out is a stiff microscopic polka dot.  I'm slightly nervous about this because I've heard and observed that the Colette patterns are fairly form-fitting without a lot of extra wiggle room.  I plan to make a prototype out of an old sheet first so I don't ruin my lovely fabric on something that doesn't fit right. 
Skirt no. 2 will be an easy, semi-patternless gather skirt.  This one's going to be pretty much guesswork but the "pattern" is so forgiving that unless I either halve or double my waist measurement it will fit.  Ideally I'd like to match up the flower patterns at the seam so I'll have to remember how to figure out how to do this when I start cutting. 
I also bought two other pieces of fabric that I want to play with.  The orange and pink fabric on the left was originally intended for the Ginger skirt but I decided I liked the formality of the black fabric instead.  I only have 1.5 yards of the orange fabric on the right so I'm not sure if I have enough to make a skirt of any kind.  As a result, I have two fabrics which I love but no idea what what kind of skirt to make with them.  Any ideas??


  1. If the RHS fabric is a stiffist cotton why not try the collette top but with a pleat trim at the neck and maybe add sleeves...someone added a pattern on pinterest hang on...

    I love this and made one last night it works very well.

    1. What a great idea! I love the neckline.


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