Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bars of Gold quilt #1 - finished!!

With shockingly little fanfare, I finished my first Bars of Gold quilt last night. You may remember that due to my lousy measuring skills I am making two Bars of Gold quilts this summer for Project Linus. The first one is done! I am ridiculously proud of this quilt. It's only the second quilt I've ever made. Sure, there are about a million mistakes but the finished quilt looks great and I'm hoping to turn some of those million mistakes into "learning opportunities" on my next quilt.

Though my sewing skills are improving, my camera skills are not. I hope to take some better pictures of the quilt when the sun returns. The dimness of my apartment does not do the bright fabric colors justice.

Full view of the front. I love how bright and cheerful this quilt is.
Detail of the front. I adore the fabrics but, Oh so many mistakes in the quilting!!
Full view of the back. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but the bottom edge is actually a yellow version of the main green fabric I used for the back.
Detail view of the back. Machine quilting was definitely the way to go. I love the texture that the quilting provides.
Close up of the colors and fabrics.

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